Home Watch For Property Managers

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Knowing that the residents of your community are in good hands while they’re away will bring you peace of mind as a property manager.

At Oceanside Home Watch, we specialize in bringing homeowners and renters the care their home needs while they’re away through our home watch service. We perform a weekly visual inspection of each home’s exterior and interior and report to the homeowner after each visit to their home. This allows the homeowner to stay updated on any problems we find and gives them peace of mind while they’re away.

Recommend Us With Confidence

Do you work for a property management company? Let us be your “go to” home watch company when residents of your communities ask if you know someone that can watch their home while they’re away.

We work with property managers to handle the home watching aspect of their communities while assuring you of professionalism across the board. By performing weekly home watch visits for the homeowners of your communities who are away, we enable you focus on other areas of the services you offer while giving you the assurance that comes with working with licensed and insured home watch experts.

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