Home Watch For Rental Agencies

Do you manage or work for a rental agency? How would you like to get dedicated homewatchers for your clients rental properties when their homes are vacant? Let our trusted professionals handle all of your home watching needs!

At Oceanside Home Watch, we offer home watch for rental agencies in order to bring both rental managers and homeowners the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the property in question has been entrusted to a team of well-equipped experts.

What we offer

We start you off by performing weekly visits to your clients homes during which we check and inspect the interior and exterior. This takes the stress of constant checks off your hands while ensuring that you and/or your clients get regular updates on the condition of their rental property when it’s empty.

Have vacant rental properties?

Long-term vacancies can often allow small problems to fester into large, expensive problems if they’re not discovered quickly. With our home watch service for rental agencies, we ensure that you do not have to be onsite at all times to keep the property in great shape.

Let’s keep your condos and homes out of harm’s way and detect common problems before they escalate.

Contact us today and let us help take great care of your clients homes while they’re vacant.

Are you a Rental Agency With Questions About Our Home Watch Service?

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