Weekly Home Watch Inspections

It’s plain and simple … the more time there is in between visits to your home, the more time a small problem has the opportunity to fester into a large, expensive problem with extensive damage.

Starting January 1st, 2020, we no longer offer monthly visits (once a month) as a home watch service option. We have seen the problems that can happen and the damage they can cause when allowed to fester for 30 days between visits to someone’s home. We still offer a bi-weekly service (every other week), however, we strongly recommend our weekly home watch inspection service to minimize your risk.

We offer 2 home watch service plans to make sure we catch any small problem before it becomes much larger and more expensive:

Roofs & Ceilings

  • A small roof leak can become a large roof leak doing more damage over time.
  • If you have a condo with a neighbor above you, they can have a water leak that goes unnoticed and comes through your ceiling causing damage to your ceiling, flooring, furniture, cabinets, etc. and allows mold grow and spread throughout your home.

Faucets & Toilets

  • A slow drip below a sink or behind a toilet can spread and cause damage to flooring, cabinets, furniture, electrical outlets, and decorative and personal items.
  • A toilet that’s been flushed by you or a guest can go unnoticed and continue to run, causing a large water utility bill.

Air Conditioning

  • The AC drain line, which commonly backs up with condensation, can cause your entire AC system to shut down until it’s drained by your AC company.
  • If your thermostat runs on batteries, the batteries can die and your AC will stop working until they are replaced.


  • Important letters and bills that have deadlines may be missed if not caught soon enough.
  • Packages that are accidentally shipped to your Vero Beach home that include purchases, medication, or important paperwork may get damaged or stolen if not found and brought inside or forwarded to your away address.
  • Mail and packages left outside for longer periods of time can signal to burglars that your home is vacant and become a prime target for them.

Pool & Lawn Care

  • A pool leak can cause significant damage to your pool if not caught and fixed right away.

Mold & Mildew

  • With high humidity levels or water leaks, mold and mildew can grow and spread throughout your home, causing expensive damage to your home and health problems to anyone who goes inside it.

Bugs & Rodents

  • Bugs and rodents 

Storm Damage

  • This is sample text.

Burglary, Alarms, & Vandalism

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