At Oceanside Home Watch, our thorough 110-point home watch checklist & inspection sheet covers everything needed to keep your home safe and protected while you’re away.

Home Watch Inspection Checklist


Mail (4 Tasks)

Check mail and bring inside. Alert homeowner of important mail and forward if necessary

Check for packages and bring inside

Remove newspapers, flyers, etc. from entryways

Check for flyers, advertisements, etc. and bring inside or place in recycle bin

Property (12 Tasks)

Perform 360 degree walk of property

Confirm water meter at street is not running

Look for signs of vandalism, burglary, and theft

Check for noticeable drainage problems

Check water spigots/hose bibs for water leaks

Confirm exterior lights are functioning

Check for signs of roof for damage (from ground)

Check window screens and screen enclosures for damage

Check gutters for obstruction (from ground)

Check soffits for cracks

Check house siding for cracks and damage

Check windows for cracks

Lawn & Garden (6 Tasks)

Check water spigots/hose bibs for water leaks

Check lawn for signs of insects, fungus, overwatering, and underwatering

Check trees, plants, etc. for signs of insects, fungus, overwatering, and underwatering

Confirm lawn care service is performed

Check irrigation controller to ensure correct watering days and time

Test irrigation system for faulty sprinklers

Pool (3 Tasks)

Check pool water level  is above skimmer. Add water if needed

Check pool skimmer and remove debris

Confirm pool pump is running during the day only


Windows/Doors & Security (7 Tasks)

Test alarm system to confirm it is functioning properly

Check that house doors are locked

Check that all windows are closed and locked

Check that garage door is closed and locked

Check windows for cracks

Check window frames and window sills for signs of water damage and leaks

Check doors for signs of water damage and leaks

Water-Related (10 Tasks)

Run faucets to lubricate seals and keep trap full to prevent odors and insects

Flush toilets to lubricate seals, refill bowl with water, and keep scum ring from forming

Check toilets for leaks using blue dye tablets (monthly)

Check under sinks for water leaks

Check behind toilets for water leaks

Check water main valve for leaks

Check hot water heater for water leaks and rust

Check ceiling for signs of water damage and leaks

Run hot water to flush sediment from hot water heater

Wipe sinks after running water to prevent rust stains from forming

Air Conditioning & Heat (8 Tasks)

Confirm AC and heat are working properly

Check AC temperature

Check humidity level

Check air temperature coming from vents

Check AC vents for condensation leaks

Check and replace Ac filters

Check AC drain line and flush (weekly check and monthly flush)

Empty and refill damp-rid containers to remove excess humidity

General (4 Tasks)

Check for signs of mold and mildew

Check for bugs (Termites, Ants, Roaches)

Check for rodents

Check smoke alarms and replace batteries

Appliances (6 Tasks)

Check refrigerator and freezer temperature

Check ice maker and clean/rotate ice when needed

Run and lubricate garbage disposal

Check washing machine connection for water leaks

Check and reset clocks on appliances in case of power outage

Short cycle the dishwasher monthly to lubricate the seals

Additional (8 Tasks)

Open/close hurricane shutters (We do accordions only) or hire installer if shutters are panels.

Check car trickle charger or battery tender

Check golf cart tires and battery water level

Check boat dock condition

Check boat condition

Top off fuel for automobiles

Start vehicle and check battery and tire pressure

Water plants

Final Tasks (4)

Turn off water main valve

Turn off hot water heater valve(s)

Arm security system

Send report to homeowner

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