Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Home Watch Services Company

Reason #5: Your neighbor isn’t the best person for the job.
You may be thinking to yourself “We’ll just have our next door neighbor watch our home while we’re away.” That sounds good in theory, but is it possible that your neighbor may forget to check your home, get too busy to do it, become ill, or have to leave town unexpectedly? Will they just pop their head in the door and give a quick look around, potentially missing a hard-to-spot problem? If there is a problem, do you really want to burden your neighbor with the time, stress, and responsibility that comes with meeting service providers and supervising them while they’re in your home?

Reason #4: You reduce the risk of small problems becoming BIG PROBLEMS.
You don’t know if there’s going to be a problem at your home while you’re away. But, you can reduce your risk of small problems becoming big problems by having someone check your home every week.



Reason #3: Unexpected things can and do happen.
You may be thinking to yourself “We’ll just lock up the house and everything will be fine. After all, what could happen?” Here are just a few common things that could happen while you’re away:

  • A window broken by burglars can leave your home susceptible to water damage from storms, mold, and allow insects and other creatures to enter your home.
  • Storms can cause flooding, damage to your home, and downed power lines which can potentially cause a house fire.
  • A water leak from a shower or toilet on a second-floor can cause ceiling, wall, and floor damage on all floors of a home.


Reason #2: Your insurance company may require you to have someone watch your home while you’re away.
Did you know that your insurance company MAY NOT cover problems such as burglary, water leaks, storm damage, etc. if no one is watching your home while you’re away? Many insurance companies require you (the home owner) to have someone watching your home on a regular basis if you’re away for more than four days. If you don’t, they may deny any claim relating to a situation that happens while you’re away.


Reason #1: To give you peace of mind while you’re away.
While you’re probably not expecting anything bad to happen while you’re away, the truth is that you really don’t know with certainty if a problem or disaster will occur. It’s important to minimize your risk to potential problems that could happen while you’re away.

By hiring Oceanside Home Watch, we can help give you peace of mind by performing a thorough interior and exterior inspection of your home each week. If a problem should occur, we will work with you and trusted local service providers to resolve the issue in the best way possible.


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