4 Tips to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

4 Tips to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Going on a much-needed vacation is the perfect way to de-stress. You’ll probably be counting down the days until your departure—that is, until you realize that you’re leaving your house unoccupied while you’re waltzing off to another corner of the globe. This post will focus on giving you tips to protect your home while on vacation.

An empty house or apartment is a prime target for thieves and criminals, especially if they know no one will be around. Coming home to upended furniture and missing appliances, jewelry, and other valuables is the worst way to end your vacation, so you’ll have to take some steps to protect your home while on vacation. Securing your home from malicious individuals prowling the area will allow you to properly enjoy vacation; you’ll rest easy knowing your home is safe and fortified.

Here are some measures you can take to protect your home while you’re away on vacation:

Don’t Tip Off Potential Thieves

Tip #1 to protect your home while on vacation:
While it can be especially tempting to share your vacation adventures on your social media, this can actually tip off prospecting thieves that your home will be unattended. The allure of the Internet also lies in its anonymity, so if your accounts are set to public, you may be alerting strangers that your home will be left alone for a while. What makes this worse is that you won’t be able to figure out who these people are. 

Hold off on posting vacation photos or videos on your social media accounts if complete strangers can access them. You can always upload them once you’ve safely returned.

This also applies to the message you leave on your voicemail. Do not tell your callers that you’re not home; just let them know that you’re unable to come to the phone and you’ll call them back as soon as you can.

Let Security Know

Tip #2 to protect your home while on vacation:
If you live in an apartment building, you may want to let security know so they’ll remember to watch out for any suspicious activity around your unit. If you live in a house, you may want to inform local law enforcement, especially if you live in a small town. The police may patrol your house from time to time to make sure no dubious characters are surveying your property. This is ideal if your vacation stretches on for about a week or more; if you’re gone for the weekend, letting them know may not be unnecessary. 

Additionally, if you have a security alarm, leave the code and your house key with a trusted contact that can easily come on over if something happens. Provide them with the contact information of the police and the alarm company to cover all bases. 

Leave Your Curtains As They Are

Tip #3 to protect your home while on vacation:
It may be tempting to completely shut your curtains while you’re out, but this may alert people that you aren’t home if your curtains have been shut for weeks. This also prevents your neighbors, friends, and even law enforcement from checking in to see if you’re at home. 

Instead, leave the curtains as you usually do when you’re at home. However, make sure to tuck away any valuable items, like expensive gadgets and jewelry, away from sight. Put small important items, like documents, tucked away in a safe.

Get a Home Watch Service

Tip #4 to protect your home while on vacation:
If you frequently spend extended periods of time away from your home or a vacation home, you’ll want to invest in a home watch service. This type of service will regularly check on your home while you’re away to make sure that everything is working properly and nothing is amiss. 

For example, at Oceanside Home Watch, our services include inspecting for air conditioning failures, mold and mildew, and water leaks. These inspections are regularly conducted at weekly or biweekly intervals to safeguard your home from burglary while making sure it’s in the best condition possible.


With a home watch service, you won’t have to worry about any interior or exterior damage—if any problems occur, the service will make sure to deal with it swiftly and efficiently. 

If you’re looking for a home watch service to protect your home while on vacation, let us know at Oceanside Home Watch! We are licensed professionals in Indian River County and St. Lucie County that are trained to spot potential problems in an unattended home. We service Vero Beach, Sebastian, Fort Pierce, and Port St. Lucie. We also make sure your home is safe and secure, giving you peace of mind while you’re away.

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